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 Crusade of Fire: Map

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PostSubject: Crusade of Fire: Map   Mon May 27, 2013 10:49 am

The map as it appears at the start of the campaign.

Yeth - A small barren moon. Little apparent value except for a well defended spaceport, and rumours of something within the endless miles of mines.
Yeth has Low Gravity and Psychic Dead Zone traits.
Low Gravity: All non template, non pistol weapons have +6" range, jump infantry can move 15" as can jetbikes and skimmers if moving normally (not turbo or flat out)
Psychic Dead Zone: All psykers are 1/2 Ld for psychic tests, but no Perils of the Warp.

Alfrost - A frozen wasteland with little Imperial or Chaos presence, but valuable in minerals and resources beneath its surface.
Alfrost has the Subzero trait.
Subzero: No "Gets Hot!" and dangerous terrain tests fail on 1 and 2.

Junkatta - A minor forgeworld, with a demonic presence. The atmosphere is thick and poisonous.
Junkatta has the Corrosive atmosphere trait.
Corrosive Atmosphere: Armor Saves of 6 must be rerolled and Armour penetration rolls of 1 must be rerolled.

Corvus Majoris - The one-time capital, still valuable in resources and material. Several half ruined Hives still dot the surface.
Corvus Majoris has no special trait.

Iron Within, Iron Without
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Crusade of Fire: Map
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