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 Kippers 2013

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Night Lord

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PostSubject: Kippers 2013   Mon Oct 28, 2013 3:27 pm

I went to the 1750pt, 5 round tourney, which emphasised Kill Points, while de-emphasising Slay the Warlord and First Blood. I took CSM with Daemon allies. Huron, Sorcerer, Cult Blob, Cult Squad, CSM Squad, LR, GUcO, Plague Bearers, DP. It was too reliant on CC. It could not take enough advantage of Infiltrate, or close range offensive Psy powers. The unit power levels were not diffuse enough: too many points into 4 units. I made some crucial mistakes which cost me games. The superblob survived every game, along with the two ICs in it despite facing 3 gun line armies. the outflanking CSM were great in 2 the games which they did so, and ought to have outflanked in 2 others. I had a usefull powers sheet, and a general Idea of what powers I liked, but not enough of a specific flowchart to optimize my results. I was super braindead game 5, and needed to eat/water better that day. good lessons learned.

had lots of fun, and reconected with guys I have seen a few times at Dice Bag, who i'm looking forward to seeing at Gottacon.

So, Games..... Please note that one could Beat the primary mission by getting all the Second, third, and fourth missions.

Game 1
Vs Ultramarines & Tau: Bike Master, Bike Squad, Termies, Marines, Devastators, Defence Line/Quad, Batman Tau Commander, Crisis team with Max Missle Drones, 5 Pathfinders, 10 Kroot with Hound, Hammerhead)
Vanguard Strike, Night Fight, 1. 3 Relics placed as objectives. 2. Kill Points 3. Linebreaker 4. Like FOC slots alive.
I went First, getting two Relics. decent powers and Portaglyph. his bikes came out agressive, and I ate them. I send the GUO straight at his lines. the Termies and Tau Deep strike, one behind me, one in front. I smash the termies with melta and LR. I scare the Tau back into the corner with the DP. Win all 3 missions.

Game 2
Vs DA: Libby, 4 full Tac with Lascannons, Bolter Banner in LC Razorback behind them, Defence Line in front. FW Plasma Predator w/HBs, Whirlwind, FW Relic Whirlwind (S8 Ap3 Barrage d3+1), Mortis Contemptor AutoDread, Mortis double TL Lasnannon Dread, 5 Tac in LasPlas Razorback
Dawn of War (He's central with Tac Razorback and Whirlwind in his Right corner), Night Fight. 1. Four Objectives placed normally, which are inactive until a unit can move within 3" of the Centre of the Table to activate them (one per unit per turn). 2. Linebreaker 3. Kill Points 4. units near death but allive.
I went second, and got to infiltrate the blob with both ICs into the middle to activate my Objectives early, which they did, much to my opponents surprise. (each marine squad got 36 bolter shots at 24") this also eventually killed the GUcO when he failed his Iron Arm. My definite mistake was in the fourth turn when my DP had the choice of charging the closer Whirlwind, or further Razorback with Tac. The Whirlwind stopped killing the troops holding objectives, but the DP was killed, and that Razorback took the Tac squad on to both activate an Objective for him, and then contest my objective on Turn 7. It was tied on Primary and Secondary, with Kill Points uncounted Turn 5, and by turn 7 I got zero points.

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Night Lord

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PostSubject: Re: Kippers 2013   Tue Oct 29, 2013 10:15 am

Game 3
Vs. IG: Command Squad, 2 Platoons, Defence line, Manticore, Vendetta with Vets, Valkyrie with Vets, Defense Line with Quad, Devil Dog, Chimmera.
Hammer & Anvil, No Night Fight. 1. Kill Points 2. Three normal Objectives (I got 2) 3. Kill All HQs 4. Linebreaker (sort of)
Due to the deployment type, he set up the defence line centrally, with a Battle Tank in each far corner. I Outflanked my CSM, luckily getting them in on the same side, and turn as an aggressive deep strike by the GUcO. They folded that flank and sealed the game for me.

Game 4
Vs. Necrons: Obyron (who can DS every turn, even out of CC), Overlord, Big Royal Court (mostly for Resurection Orbs, but also to make a small Dev squad) C'Tan (with the one power to destroy my cult blob in 2 turns), 5 Wraiths, 4 Scarab bases, 2 inividual Spyders, Deathmarks, a squad of warriors, and a big squad of 20 Warriors (a court member in here with Haywire shots and S8 defensive overwatch hits).
Vanguard Strike, Night Fight. 1. One objective in middle of table 2. 2 units nominated by owner; both must be killed. 3. Table Quarters 4. Troop units destroyed.
I had a chance due to playing against this type of C'Tan before, so I knew to keep the blob away. My dice started to go cold this game. The death marks came in to kill the GUcO, as I knew they would, and failed to do a single wound. I ate them. The Wraiths engaged the GUcO to hold it up so the C'Tan could get past to the Blob. Despite Enfeebling the wraiths, making them suceptible to Instant Death from regular monster attacks, many saves were rolled over two turns and only the wounded wraith died. a Spider then joined the combat, adding Psy Null. I had to divert my attacks to the spider for two turns before Enfeebling the Wraiths again.... by this time the GUcO was on one wound and eventually went down. The DP had to intercept the C'Tan..... I knew it was a bad fight for the DP, but my opponent forgot to Smash for ID.... so I held out till the wraiths and Obyron came to mop up.... too little too late: I needed to crush those Wraiths fast enough to block the C'tan with the GUcO.... also a big mistake was forgetting the Portaglyph alltogether....

Game 5
Vs IG + SW: Company Command with mortars, Platoon (with 2 Chimeras and Heavy Weapon Team totalling 7 Autocannons), Vets in Vendetta, 3 Leman Russ (One of them a Demolisher), Rune Priest, 5 Grey Hunters in Rhino, Long Fangs (2LC, 2ML), Defense Line with Quad. I posted a picture of his deployment on FB....
Spearhead Deployment, Night Fight. 1. Table Quarters 2. Kill Points. 3. Four Objetives; one in the middle of each quarter 4. More scoring units alive.
This last game I was more mentally drained than I knew, and getting hungry. I made many mistakes, mostly not using the same game plan as game 3. I infiltrated my marines to create a distraction, but 9/10 were killed on the first turn.... I got a good deep strike for my GUcO, right near his lines turn 2, but turn three moved up, and FORGOT TO CHARGE! that turn I also forgot to roll for plaguebearer reserves. Having lived through 4 games, and with an OK runin in the middle of the table, I pushed my blob forward to take centre. Ready to move to the quarter most needed at the end of the game. I ought to have used them to hold my own quarter, behind a hill, and not even bothered with his quarter. Anyway it was by the end a huge loss: thought I had my left side secure, but Veterans with 3 flamers took out my 10 cultists, while the grey hunters charged the plague bearers, drawing them off that objective...

Next Tourney: More shooting, More conservative play, More diffuse threats, More Food/Water day 2!
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The Commissioner
The Commissioner

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PostSubject: Re: Kippers 2013   Tue Oct 29, 2013 8:19 pm

Anything in your list that was above or below average performance? You know, any standouts one way or the other?

Iron Within, Iron Without
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PostSubject: Re: Kippers 2013   

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Kippers 2013
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