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 Season 1 review

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The Commissioner
The Commissioner

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PostSubject: Season 1 review   Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:12 pm

The final stats and playoffs from Season 1 of Nerdtopia

As well, the following awards were handed out

Top Passer: 9 completions, Bonzalez, Caspian Swans
Top Killer: 4 Casualties, Khumothep, Anabe Scorpions
Top Scorer: 6 touchdowns, Blackthorne, Duskridge Cult
Season MVP: 28 SPP, Archer, Wonder Orcs and Blackthorne, Duskridge Cult

Most Casualties caused: 10, Manglers and Scorpions
Fewest Casualties suffered: 1, Punk Boyz'n'Jam and Manglers
Most touchdowns scored: 13, Caspian Swans
Fewest Touchdowns allowed: 2, Merville Manglers

Iron Within, Iron Without
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Season 1 review
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