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 Twisting Fates Review

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PostSubject: Twisting Fates Review   Thu Mar 08, 2012 11:09 am

So, just finished “Twisting Fates” and I thought I’d write up a little review.

The overall story is developing pretty nicely. There are a few hiccups but for the most part, it’s very satisfying and gives you an impression that things are a-changin’ in Malifaux and not for the better. Some unresolved threads from “Rising Powers” are tied up nicely as well. There are also some really fantastic revelations made about certain characters and their ties to other characters. One of my favorite moments was finding out who Dr. McMourning’s mentor is…

There is virtually no mention of Kirai, Perdita, Colette, Som’er, the Viktorias, or Hamelin.

The story predominantly focuses on Hoffman, Sonia, Lucius, Samel Hopkins, Franciso and Santiago Ortega, Ramos, Rasputina, Zoraida, Leveticus, Seamus, Nicodem, McMourning and Molly.

There are some minor but good scenes with Lady Justice, Marcus, Dreamer, Lilith, Pandora, Joss, and Myranda

There is virtually no mention of Perdita, Colette, Som’er, Hamelin, Viktorias, Kirai

Under the avatar section, each master has their own 1-2 pages of fluff, some which is related to the metastory, some which is mostly independent. These are varying degrees of good but some that really stand out, for quality of writing or their impact on the story, are Perdita, Hoffman, Ramos, Leveticus, Nicodem and The Dreamer

  • Exorcist: A new Death Marshall that is the anti-Spirit and anti-Nightmare specialist. I can see this guy getting a lot of play time almost any Resser or Dreamer crew has reason to fear him.
  • Latigo Pistolero: A generic Ortega minion, they’re decent ranged combatants with a very affordable cost (3 SS). Note, they are not subject to Companion rules. Probably good for strategies and schemes.
  • Pale Rider: The Guild rider, he seems to be as good as the other three Riders and fits nicely in with an a Leveticus crew.
  • Warden: New “jail keeping” construct that focuses on chasing target. Only 5 SS and decent, if limited, abilities. Sort of a brawler type.
  • Witchling Handler: This book has not been kind to Kirai crews. The Witchling Handler makes Witchlings even better with a bunch of buffs and anti-magic spells.

  • Crooligan: Cheap little hit and run undead, their real perk is that they are Horrors so another thing for Molly to play with.
  • Dead Doxy: Showgirl Belles, they are a debuffing specialist that has great synergy in Seamus crews.
  • The Drowned: Another “violent death” themed undead like Crooked Men and The Hanged, these guys are slow-moving but survivable with lots of movement affecting abilities. They’re fantastic for their cost (4 SS).
  • Jaakuna Ubume: A new Kirai spirit, it acts kind of like a belle, using movement shenanigans to draw enemies closer.
  • Rafkin, The Embalmer: A mini-McMourning with a heavy emphasis on poison. Seems decent.

  • Angelica, Mistress of Ceremonies: A “sergeant” for Collette crews, making them better than they already are.
  • Blessed of December: A December themed beast, basically a sabertooth Cerberus with some cold abilities.
  • Fire Gamin: Like an Ice Gamin, only with fire. Can be taken by Sonia as well.
  • Slate Ridge Mauler: A very survivable, mobile and damaging 6-armed bear. Awesome!
  • Union Miner: A cheap-as-dirt but very utilitarian model to help arcanists with strategies and schemes.

  • Iggy: A fire-slinging ranged attacking woe.
  • Spawn Mother and Gupps: A silurid that can spawn little bases of piranha. Will work well with silurid heavy Zoraida crews (if those even exist).
  • Tuco: An Ortega traitor with anti-Ortega abilities.
  • Weaver Widow: A teddy-summoning, doll-crafting nightmare. Kind of a mini Zoraida.

  • Lazarus: A unique anti-Guild construct that is quite survivable.
  • Lenny: A large, brute of a gremlin.
  • McTavish: A scout and hunter type character that can be taken by gremlin crews and has a pet ‘gator.
  • Sue: A Johnny Cash-inspired gunslinger with some decent spells and ranged attacks.
  • Ten Thunders Brothers: Minions to be used with Misaki. Maybe she’ll be a henchmen next book?

Not sure what the purpose of these guys is. You give up a totem (unless you’re Neverborn) and gain a cheap little mini-minion with zero synergy. Maybe I’m missing something?[b]

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Twisting Fates Review
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