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 Ghosts! and other scary tales/tails

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PostSubject: Ghosts! and other scary tales/tails   Mon Jul 16, 2012 8:06 pm

Hey guys, I've been planning to make some (somewhat) scratch built ghosts for my Vampire Counts army. I have a great idea so far, I've got plenty of spare upper torsos and heads and arms from zombie, skeleton, and corpse cart kits. I'm planning to put those bits on whispy ghost tails made out of greenstuff. They will have "flying" stems made out of paper clips (which can also be used to structure the tails) and will magnetize to the base. Then I can simply remove models to track wounds!

Anyways, I'm still new to using greenstuff and would like some help or even just tips on making ghostly tails. How to attach each one to a torso, the paperclip, and how to make it look smooth. And perhaps not look like a tentacle or some other wierd thing but a decent looking ghostly tail for the Spirit Hosts.
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PostSubject: Re: Ghosts! and other scary tales/tails   Tue Jul 17, 2012 9:40 am

I haven't done alot of fabric, and recently did tree roots with moderate success. Three tips for smooth results; Wear rubber/vinyl gloves. Sculps and smooth 1-1.5h into curing (part way to done). Once the initial sculpt is mostly done, use an oily paper towel to coat your sculpting tool so it doesn't stick.

I don't see how flying stems will also magnetize, I would do one or the other. though I have to say I like the Idea of the magnets for wound purposes. the Spirit Host models aren't raised up (ha) too much off the base....

The Green Stuff will stick well to the model without a frame, though they will have to cure on their sides or something. Look at other models for flowing cloaks. some tatters (with a pin) at the bottom will give the ancient look....
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Ghosts! and other scary tales/tails
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